Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra

An Institution Of 90 Years of Glorious History & Contributions In Teaching And Research(Accreditated Grade B” by NAAC) (called at the place of Agra University,

Agra from 24.09.1995 vide U.P. Govt. Notification No. 33/XVII-V-1-1(ka)-43-1996, dated 06.01.1996)


S. No.Name of the Faculty/student author of the patentTitle of the patentPatent NumberDate of Award/ApplicationPatenet Awarding AgencyDocument
1Dr. Neelam YadavA System and Method for Language Learning through Digital Technology: A consequences for Applied Linguistics202311076092 A07.11.2023Intellectual Property IndiaView
2Prof. V.K.SaraswatOnline banking security monitoring device 397468-00112.10.2023Intellectual Property IndiaView
3Prof. V.K.SaraswatDevice for wireless transaction security395202-00115.09.2023Intellectual Property IndiaView
4Dr. Ravi ShekharA Novel Instrument of reaction progress tool with thermosatatic heating mantle for laboratory purpose388821-00112.06.2023Intellectual Property IndiaView
5Prof. V.K.SaraswatAuthentication device for online transaction376695-00104.01.2023Intellectual Property IndiaView
6Prof. V.K.SaraswatMail Authentication device using biometrics376694-00104.01.2023Intellectual Property IndiaView
7Dr. Bhoomika ChaudharyA System for performing botanical and physico chemical standardization of murraya koengh (German)20202210467528.09.2022Republic of South AfricaView
8Dr. Ravi ShekharFormulation, Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Oral Dispersable Tablets of Schiff base Compounds 20221125299416.09.2022Intellectual Property IndiaView
9Dr. Bhoomika ChaudharyA Composition and a Method for Synthesizing Topical Ethosomal Gel Of Melatonin To Prevent Ultra Voilet Radiation (SOUTH AFRICA)2022/0782213.07.2022Republic of South AfricaView
10Prof. L.K. MishraIncreased Productivity by using an Intelligent Human Resource Management System (IHRM)20224103234817.06.2022Intellectual Property IndiaView
11Dr. Ravi ShekharSynthesis, formulation and evaluation of antifungal cream of Schiff base compounds20221100430325.01.2022Intellectual Property IndiaView
12Prof. Manu Pratap SinghCloud Supported & Machine Learning Driven Efficient IOT Based Watering System for Home Based Plants A01G002516000010.12.2021Intellectual Property IndiaView
13Prof. L.K. MishraAnalysis of Business-to- Business (B2B) E Commerce for the Growth of Indian Economy Sector20214105371510.12.2021Intellectual Property IndiaView
14Prof. L.K. MishraReal Time Intelligent System For Personalised Hospitality Service For Hotel Guests Using Machine Learning20211105500103.12.2021Intellectual Property IndiaView
15Prof. L.K. MishraIntelligent System For Management of Healthcare Recourses in Hospital using Data Mining & Machine Learning20211105162719.11.2021Intellectual Property IndiaView
16Dr. Kaushal RanaSystem for Intelligent Computer Assisted Motion robot for Construction Work based on Cloud Computing20213104981630.10.2021Intellectual Property IndiaView
17Prof. V. K. SaraswatIoT based health monitoring system for covid-19 patient202121048426 A 29.10.2021Intellectual Property IndiaView
18Dr. Ravi ShekharSystem and method for identification/prediction of breast tumor at every stage202110157905.05.2021Intellectual Property IndiaView
19Dr. Ravi ShekharFormulation of phenylethanone derivatives & biological activity2021110094712.03.2021Intellectual Property IndiaView
20Dr. Ravi ShekharA method for preparation of nanofibres 202111017223 A13.04.2021Intellectual Property IndiaView
21Dr. Greesh Kumar SinghMicroprocessing unit based system for tracking and controlling solar panel based on sunlight201911020615 A24.05.2019Intellectual Property IndiaView
22Dr. Ravi ShekharCompressed double layered disc201911007156 A15.03.2019Intellectual Property IndiaView